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Cryptocurrency in 2018

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A lot of buzz is happening throughout the world regarding the future of cryptocurrencies. 2017 just ended and there are many speculations about the performance and growth of cryptocurrencies in 2018. Some investors and journalists predict cryptocurrency as 2018’s biggest bubble while some are still favouring the cryptocurrencies.

Here are some of the highlighting headlines which have grabbed attention about cryptocurrency in 2018:


Cryptocurrency, a bubble:

The first thing or prediction about cryptocurrencies was that the cryptocurrency bubble will burst in 2018. Financial investors, journalists and a lot of people speculated that cryptocurrencies are fraud and investing in it is an improper idea. However, the rising prices and craze for cryptocurrencies has made everyone think how much the cryptocurrency bubble will blow before bursting.

Security concern for cryptocurrencies in 2018:

The cryptocurrencies are anonymous and people are looking for robust security features to be added. The developers of many cryptocurrencies are neither renowned nor the transactions much secure. Before investing, people would definitely look for added security features of the cryptocurrencies to be used for POS’s, ATM withdrawals, online shopping, trading and many more.

Market value of cryptocurrencies in 2018:

There are a number of cryptocurrencies in the market having a lot of miners and investors. Not only bitcoin, but Ethereum and ripple are highly popular with a good customer base.  However, all these three currencies are down since the first week of January 2018. Let’s have a look on the values of these three major cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin: The current value of bitcoin is $11,717 which is quite less than its previous market value. The currency is 16% down and it had even reached a point where the value was $9500. However, bitcoin geared up and is now settling down.

bitcoin drop                

Ethereum: Even ethereum has faced a downfall in 2018. It is currently 15% down from its previous value.

Ripple: There was a time when the currency lost half of its value just within 2 days, but it picked up its value and is now only 20% down.

ripple drop

With the downfall and gearing of cryptocurrency values, it can be said that if the cryptocurrency downfall happens, it will not completely destroy. The popular and widely accepted cryptocurrencies will survive. The investment potential is still high for different cryptocurrencies and it can be witnessed that the cryptocurrency trend is here to stay in 2018. Thus, in case any single cryptocurrency fails, there are a lot of other options for investment opportunities in 2018.



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