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Price: $8.791
MarketCap: $779,013,593.550
Liquidity: $

Cryptocurrency developers from around the world are working hard to launch unique and beneficial cryptocurrencies and among such emerging tokens, Qtum has been recognized as a blend of Bitcoin and Etherium. These are the top 2 cryptocurrencies trending nowadays and Qtum derives its base and unique features from both of these platforms. With the market capitalization of $871,719,100, this cryptocurrency has begun the battle of competing with the most powerful and well established cryptocurrencies of the digital market.

What is Qtum?

Qtum, also known as quantum is an open source platform which is developed to enhance the use of decentralized apps and smart contracts while conquering the market capitalization of bitcoin. It has an effective and experienced team of developers which is well versed with cryptocurrencies and digital market. This is a Singapore based Asian technology and ensures to improve interoperability of smart contracts among diverse businesses.


Specifications of Qtum:

Block time – 120 seconds

Block size – 2MB

Total supply – 100Million

Inflation – 1%POS


How it works?

The Qtum platform allows the developers to create and develop smart contracts. The aim behind developing this cryptocurrency is to bring smart contacts and decentralized applications in the strongest marketplaces and in different businesses. Qtum blockchain allows storing the database in an efficient manner. The information of the transactions made using Qtum is stored in a single server which prevents it from theft and attacks.

Using the smart contracts, developers are allowed to share and use their digital assets between 2 or more accounts with ease. Developers can build the contracts without being charged while the developers won’t have to learn new languages for development. The transactions are made without involving any third party.

Special features of Qtum:

Smart contracts and Decentralised apps

Just like etherium, Qtum promotes the development and use of smart contracts. These smart contracts are developed to bring applications to different businesses. The businesses will be able to develop unique applications on the blockchain using these smart contracts. This project will allow business growth and also simplify the transaction processing.

The strong team of developers behind Qtum

The team behind Qtum is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of cryptocurrency. Qtum has effectively marketed its team which includes members from companies like NASADAQ and Alibaba. The investors are selected from China’s largest companies and venture capitalist firms. From programming to developing cryptocurrencies, the team members have pretty impressive and reliable backgrounds! This team has a powerful impact and is also the strongest point of Qtum.

Increase in price and value

The change and rise in the value of Qtum is considerable. With the end of 2017, the value of Qtum started increasing gradually. From January 2017 to December 2017, the price of Qtum jumped up to over $15 (at the time of writing).  From the market capital of less than $1billion, it straight way jumped to over $5billion which is certainly an impressive increase.

Proof of Stake 3.0

This amazing altcoin uses the only smart contract platform which uses Proof of Stake. PoS is used to bring in more practical implementations of the smart contracts.  On this platform, the transactions done using Qtum become more secure and reliable.

Other significant points about Qtum:

  • Qtum allows integration of datafeeds and different APIs to allow the external devices to supply information from the Qtum platform. These are the trusted parties which can be sued for sharing information, performing calculations and for complex computations.
  • The marketing strategies of Qtum team has made it famous among the Asian markets. The team is highly efficient and consists of young developers filled with experience and knowledge about cryptocurrency market.
  • This cryptocurrency faced an immense increase in its value in 2017 and is expected to grow significantly during 2018.
  • It is a very ambitious and quality project which is compatible with etherium smart contracts and uses PoS instead of mining.


Why should you choose Qtum?

  • Qtum has existing partnership with Alibaba, Baidu and some billionaire investors from China which makes the project strong and interesting.
  • The team behind Qtum is highly reliable and experienced in cryptocurrencies.
  • The community, developer engagement and customer service of Qtum is highly commendable which makes it a profitable scope for investment.
  • This is a hybrid of 2 technologies and aimed to take smart contracts towards business applications. The success of this project will bring a lot of important business opportunities.


On a long term basis, this cryptocurrency can become a huge currency along with a strong platform for various business applications. The currency has also faced good price increase within the past few months which has helped investors and miners earn a lot of profit. They have a great reputation and hold over the Asian markets and are poised with the smart contract developments. This is the currency which promises better business applications and smart use of digital currency. It is still in the emerging phase and upcoming few months will decide the capability of this currency.


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