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It seems there’s a new altcoin getting launched everyday in the world of cryptocurrencies. There are ample of cryptocurrency options available for investment. The question here is- which altcoin is worth your investment? Which altcoin has all the features and benefits a miner or investor is looking for? Amongst different kinds of altcoins, we have Tron, an amazing altcoin which was launched specially for easing international transactions.

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What is Tron?

Tron is a digital currency developed by Justin Sun in order to ease the international transactions. The token is abbreviated as TRX and can be purchased using fiat currency. The total supply of this currency to date is 100billion. It is well known due to the ‘high public offering’ and its usability for trading and exchanges. Tron has gained a lot of popularity these days with sudden rise in its price. Being a powerful currency and exchange platform, it also aims to improve the global economy.

Current supply: 65.7B tokens

Market capitalization: $4.27B

Price of Tron: $0.065036

Allocation model of Tron:

40% Public offering

35% goes to its foundation

15% goes as private offering

10% goes to initial supporters

Special features of Tron:

Tron has become a dignified cryptocurrencyand and has reached some exceptional milestones. There are ample of reasons which make Tron a powerful altcoin for investment. Here are some of the essential features:

Smart Contract protocol

Tron utilizes the smart contract protocol which allows the users to explore and use the features of the altcoin. This protocol offers opportunities to transfer the value of Tron as per the specific requirements of the users.

The blockchain

To make the transactions transparent and reliable, Tron uses the blockchain technology through which, the Tron coins are added into the ledgers. Just like Ethereum and Bitcoin, the Tron transactions are safe and reliable. Also, it supports cross-platform transactions which make it more widely adapted.

Decentralized architecture

The decentralized architecture prevents the entire system to run by a single government, bank or authority. It takes away the power from banks and thus, Tron has been developed as a completely decentralized cryptocurrency which doesn’t allow any single authority to gain control.

The team behind Tron

One of the most promising reasons to invest in Tron is the team behind it. The developer Justin Sun is one of the masterminds and also one of the most influential personalities of Asia. Apart from the CEO, the team behind it is highly experienced within the cryptocurrency market which adds reliability to this altcoin.

Supply and Market capitalization

The circulating supply of Tron was 40,000,000,000 in 2017 while its value was $0.003208 and its market cap was USD 128,320,800. As of lately the team declared the total supply of 100M which showcases the possibility of its value to increase in the near future.

Here are some other exceptional features of Tron:

  • The team behind it is build up with the most influential and powerful names in the world of technology
  • Tron uses consensus mechanism to prevent issues like identification and credit problems with digital transactions
  • The smart contract protocol allows the users to use features and apps beating the barriers
  • The currency supports cross platform transactions through blockchains of Bitcoins, Ethereum and other reputed cryptocurrencies
  • Most of the offerings are given to the public
  • The community consists of active and users in huge numbers
  • It has a good potential with restricted supply and possibility of value growth in future

Why Tron is a favourable investment option?

When it comes to the market capitalization and value, Tron has a great potential for future. In December 2017, it increased  from $0.0002 to $0.67 which showcased 33% increment in the value. People, who invested in Tron during December, have gained immense profit. Investors and miners are getting the desirable profits from the altcoin. With this, it has a great potential in future for sure.

The real life applications of tron are quite wide spread and have gained a huge base of users. Being said that, there are always risks associated with investing in Cryptocurrencies, but Tron is quite a reliable altcoin for investment. Apart from this, the team behind Tron is highly reliable and influencing which makes the investment in this cryptocurrency is less risky. The benefits and features users enjoy while investing in Tron, are huge. It also provides features similar to those of the top cryptocurrencies within less price and that is a great plus point.

Final thoughts:

Tron is a powerful and user friendly cryptocurrency aimed to ease the international transactions while acting as a strong exchange platform. People interested in gaming and entertainment can explore the opportunity to invest in this cryptocurrency and use it on regular basis. It is a cross platform cryptocurrency which allows transactions on different platforms and around the globe easily. It is also a secure platform where you can perform exchanges and explore the gaming, entertainment and digital transactions.


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