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Cryptocurrency Information
Price: $0.070
MarketCap: $1,029,491,118.000
Liquidity: $56,847,063.000

If we analyze the year 2017, it was a great year for the cryptocurrency Verge. It has got wide acceptance from users worldwide due to its anonymous and reliable transaction facility. It is a highly anonymous and unique cryptocurrency which has gained a huge market capital in 2017 and witnessed a significant growth in past few months.

Today, we are presenting a detailed guide for the most widely adapted and appraised cryptocurrency of 2017. To resolve the mysteries of its construction, its value, its popularity and investment opportunities, let’s go through this detailed review.


What is Verge?

Verge is an ultimate cryptocurrency aimed to promote fungibility and anonymousness within digital transactions. It is useful for making regular and small transactions easily. Created in 2014, this currency is made from the bitcoin blockchain and assures quicker transactions. From top 60 cryptocurrencies, it jumped into the list of top 20 currencies in 2017 which is a great achievement. Being an anonymous cryptocurrency, it also grabbed headlines due to the privacy concerns.


Current supply: 14,523,760,614 XVG

Market capitalization: $1,174,873,420 USD

Price of Verge: $0.080843

Special features of Verge:

Let’s have a look at some of the distinctive points and features that have made this cryptocurrency rock:

The private ledger

Verge follows a private ledger that means, the transactions occurring through Verge are visible but the details of the transactions are not visible. The private details like amount of transaction, sender’s and receiver’s information is secured. The transactions are publically visible and you can also witness the frequency of transactions and coins distributed without the personal data being displayed.


Verge is considered as a unique cryptocurrency due to its advanced anonymity and benefits. The transactions carried out using Verge are quite secure and reliable. Verge cryptocurrency follows the Ip2 layer of encryption which hides all the data and transactions sent on the network. This layer provides privacy and security on the network. Apart from this, Verge also uses the tor IP service which allows anonymity throughout the network. The data goes through layers of protection and secure the private data of users. The use of both IP layers makes Verge more secure, reliable and extremely anonymous. It protects the user’s data and showcases all the transactions and coin circulation.


Privacy is practiced through Verge where the layers of protection prevent illegal activities and thefts. Especially for business people, it might become annoying if the data about all the transactions gets visible to the other users. The data of suppliers, retailers and other information would get hacked which can create quite a loss. Thus, privacy and anonymity in Verge, has made it favourable for business people and for the users who want to keep their transactions private and secure. It is the currency which supports 5 encryption algorithms and makes it highly secure and reliable.

Verge mining and total supply

Total supply of Verge is 16.5 billion from which 9 billion coins were released during 2014. Every year, 1b coins are released keeping in mind the use and distribution of the coins. The Verge team did not launch all the coins together to prevent the price fluctuations. Also, the value of Verge has increased at a rapid speed during 2017.  From $0.000019 to $0.0077, the value has certainly taken a big leap.

Here are some other facts and features of Verge:

  • The circulation of this coin is capped and thus, it is not an inflatory cryptocurrency
  • The transactions made on Verge are highly reliable, secure and anonymous
  • The speed of transactions is quite high. The rate is 100 transactions/second which allows multiple transactions to complete within few seconds and thus, it is a favourable cryptocurrency for making small transactions
  • The maximum supply would end within around 7 years after 2010. Till then, every year 1b coins are launched
  • It utilizes ip2 and tor protection layers along with 5 layer encryption which makes it completely reliable
  • Users can also get the transfer Verge through social media platforms which makes it widespread
  • It has a great community support and users can make donations easily
  • No central authority controls the coin as it is a decentralized cryptocurrency

 Is it a good option to invest in Verge?

Verge has emerged as one of the finest and anonymous cryptocurrencies with a lot of benefits for the users. Especially, if you are a business person or someone who needs to keep the transactions completely private, this is the most suitable coin you can choose. Verge is a very competitive and powerful currency which has a dedicated team of developers willing to establish new milestones with the currency. The team will also include the use of smart contracts for betterment of Verge which will increase the scalability and performance of the cryptocurrency.

This is a cryptocurrency with a decentralized platform and layers of security which is available at quite a competitive price. It is overall a great investment option using which users can make quick and reliable transactions.


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