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These 3 Cryptocurrencies Will Make You Money In 2018

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What is it that sets apart very successful investors from average ones? This is a question that many who seek to build their portfolio ask themselves. Anyone who has taken a moment to ponder on this will conclude that besides general investment choices, the ability to read market trends and predict long term product performance.

This might sound a lofty standard for the unpredictable market that virtual currency coins and platforms are. However, based on their track record and technological potential, we will attempt to narrow down to a few cryptocurrencies that investors should definitely watch out for as the year progress.


Ethereum is far an out winner and it is the only crypto-currency that experts believe has a reasonable chance to surpass Bitcoin by market capitalization in the near future. In fact trackers such as Flippening Watch places Flippening odds at 0.61 for a reason.

In 4 years, Ethereum market capitalization has continue to grow and is now at $114.28B with more than 940K transactions completed in a day. The sheer size of transaction pushes Ether’s average daily volumes to more than $3.2B. In contrast, the clogged Bitcoin’s memory pool manages a mere 234K transactions a day with average transaction fees at around $7 as I’m typing this.

The platform operates smart contract applications which function just as created without any possibility of downtime, external interference or fraud by third parties. There is an affiliate which Ethereum forked from called the Ethereum Classic though lesser in terms of market capitalization. It is important to make this distinction.

Applications on this platform run on a specially designed blockchain. This is a public powerful ledger that moves around and represents the ownership of property. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is such way as to make it adaptable and easy to tailor to specific needs. Smart contracts are essentially tasks run on this platform and are the means by which services and currency are exchanged on this platform. The name for this platform’s currency is Ether (ETH) though tokens generated can also be means of exchange in their own right. The transactions conducted are recorded on the public ledger which gets updated automatically.

Then another thing and this is the reason why it is such a nugget. While Bitcoin legacy supports only one coin, Ethereum platform supports tokenization meaning companies-through ICOs-can launch their won coins with ETH as fuel. Besides, because of Ethereum’s Virtual Machine, the machine is Turing complete and this way distributed apps can be launched.

All in all, the Ethereum platform is an efficient tool for its users. It combines the convenience and autonomy of cryptocurrency with a range of services and products to make the internet experience more wholesome.

Ask me one established cryptocurrency that is best poised to grow big: it’s Ether (ETH). Simple as that. Plus some improvements on the way like Raiden/Plasma to make transactions faster, Shards for scalability, Casper to shift protocol from PoW to PoS and not forgetting ZK-Snarks to make the transactions anonymous. More possibilities and capital gains in the future.

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Anonymous is the refrain you will certainly hear when someone talk of Monero. Wait, you may think, ‘’isn’t Bitcoin anonymous already?”  There goes one unfortunate though popular misconception. All BTC transactions can be seen by the public and by giving out your wallet address to someone, the person is able to see all the payments you’ve sent and received. Bitcoin transactions are basically pseudonymous and once your public address is decrypted, that will be the end of your privacy. A solution has been created for this.

Monero was created in April 2014 mostly to tackle the privacy concerns desired by most investors. Since launch, Monero has managed to cut itself a niche in the competitive world of cryptocurrency with each coin, XMR, trading at $302 gifting it a market capitalization of $4.2B.

The fundamental technology that Monero is based on is a balance of permitting the user to control their keys and also work privately with proven security techniques. All this is made possible because of their ring signatures-upgraded to RingCT- capability and of course their stealth addresses which obscures the identity of senders and receivers.

It’s under Stack Exchange meaning there is a chance of further development and improvement which makes it more competitive. Monero is also attractive to many seeking anonymity and transaction speeds because there are actually no block size limitation unlike Bitcoin or even the more “scalable” BCH with block size ceilings of 1MB and 8MB respectively.

Monero gained particular credence in 2016 and due to “popular demand” it was adopted by Alpha Bay, a dark web platform which has recently been shut down by authorities and Oasis. Monero has benefitted from the users it gained to present date.

The fact that it made a name for itself mostly on the dark web should not dissuade any real investors. This is because if you care about figures and turnover, it is an ideal place to hedge your bet. It should be in for another record year.

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Ardor is a blockchain platform created by Jelurida that facilitates availability of blockchain to governments, start-ups, banks and businesses as blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS). To make this a reality, they implement what we call child chains and it is these child chains from where companies can create their private blockchain based solutions to meet their needs all within Ardor Ecosystem.

Ardor, ticker ARDR, has a market capitalization of $942M with each coin trading at $0.943.

So you know, Ardor is also known as NXT 2.0 and is scalable to perform a wide variety of functions. Some of the ways in which this platform is utilized are: exchange of assets, messaging, voting system, crowdfunding, aliases, and a monetary system among others.

Ardor’s flexibility will prove to be its most useful asset in the crypto space because businesses are looking at blockchain solutions will no longer have to choose a rigid approach on a shared blockchain. Through this alternative, creative freedom is opened for them to build child chains that suit their very specific needs and security requirements.

Users of crypto are very excited about this project. Ardor already has a healthy market and this is pegged to go through the roof in the first quarter of 2018 when the Ardor main net launches.


Disclaimer: The information gathered is based on tentative research and should not be relied on to make solid investment decisions. It is an analysis of market trends and suffices as no more than the writer’s opinion.



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